Special Assistance Request Form

Please fill in the Customer Information and the required Service information section below at least 48hours before flight departure.

Customer information

*mandatory field

Type of disabilities Hearing or Speech Assistance

Please input Booking reference in 6 characters before "/JL" indicated on your e-ticket.

Name on passport without any spaces or punctuations.
*If you have a Middle Name, please enter it after your Given Name.

Family name : Given name :

Either Tel or E-mail is required.
*Phone Number:(Country Code + area code + telephone number)
*Please provide phone numbers where you can be contacted during the day and at your destination(s).

Phone Number : E-mail :
Example: 762
Flight number :

Request details

Please confirm assistance service.

You require assistance to/from the aircraft or the seat.

  • We will provide assistance between the Check-in counter and the gate.
  • We will give you the option to board the aircraft before other passengers.
  • We will assist you with the stowage of your baggage.

This page will open in a new windowMore information on assistance service

  • A service dog must be individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability.

Please also let us know on the day of departure how we can help.